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C# and VB .NET Conversion Pocket Reference ebook

C# and VB .NET Conversion Pocket Reference. Jose Mojica

C# and VB .NET Conversion Pocket Reference

ISBN: 0596003196,9780596003197 | 144 pages | 4 Mb

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C# and VB .NET Conversion Pocket Reference Jose Mojica
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

So you can't use it to disassemble COM DLL files, native C++, classic Visual Basic 6.0 code, etc. The structure of compiled .NET code makes it very convenient, portable, discoverable, verifiable, etc. Though most programmers use two or more languages, they usually have a mastery of one. NET executable into an encrypted Win32 wrapper application. Also it is possible to convert a C# application to native code, and Xenocode is too costly. As far as C# 5.0 books go, I have read C# 5.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference, Pro C# 2012 and the .NET 4.5 Platform, Essential C# 5.0, and CLR via C# (Dev-Pro) . In this lesson Bob kicks off the series talking about the organization, required setup and goals of the lessons, and provides some motivation and guidance for getting started. (Link taken From Many books and examples on MSDN and Channel9 assume C# knowledge. They were taking money directly from my pocket! Although Microsoft has advertised that the .NET runtime is language agnostic and that C# and Visual Basic . NET.chm 39-2002 - Ms - Ms Visual C Sharp Net.chm 40-2002 - Msdn - Programming With C Sharp.pdf 41-2002 - O'reilly - C Sharp In A Nutshell.chm 42-2002 - O'Reilly - C Sharp Language Pocket Reference.chm 43-2002 - O'Reilly . O'Reilly - C# Essentials, 2nd Edition is a Very good books that covers the basic concepts of the language. I have been using it since its first release and it has become my favorite tool when working with databases. If you are looking for an easy to use C# language reference, this is definitely the way to go!!! All very good books, very good!!!