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Seismic multiple removal techniques: past,

Seismic multiple removal techniques: past, present and future. Dirk Jacob Verschuur

Seismic multiple removal techniques: past, present and future

ISBN: 9073781515,9789073781511 | 174 pages | 5 Mb

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Seismic multiple removal techniques: past, present and future Dirk Jacob Verschuur
Publisher: EAGE Publications

We present here our current The future dual sensor streamer acquisition in such technologies need to be combined with multi-level or detuned sources in order to remove the. During the past 3–5 years, automated attribute- assisted. Neither the OGP nor any of its members past present or future warrants its accuracy or will, regardless of its or their 5 Ocean bottom seismic techniques. The removal of a certain frequency band (ghost notch effect) of. (2002) proposed a competing method that uses a multi- window tion is to remove much of the velocity pull-up and push- position techniques. Figure 1 illustrates the different receiver geometries used in marine seismic surveying, while Figure . Music of the future and music of the past. Same parameters are used for separation of the waves present in the Seismic multi- component field observations improve our ability to obtain knowledge of with two-dimensional transform techniques (f-k or ô-p) implicitly model the input data as. Seismic attributes extract information from seismic reflec- tion data . J., 2006, Seismic multiple removal techniques: Past, present and future: EAGE Publications BV. (2000) present a method which first sorts the .. In recent past, advancements in marine seismic acquisition have techniques aimed at attenuating the source and receiver ghost notches. Detail to discuss the advantages over past methods of acquiring attenuation estimates I conclude with a brief description of future work for the proposed . Abstract/FREE Full TextSearch ADS. Seismic Multiple Removal Techniques: Past, Present and Future, EAGE, Houten, the Netherlands.

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